Page 1: Scottish Information Commissioner - FOI & EIR Statistics for April to June 2022

Welcome to the Scottish Information Commissioners FOI & EIR Statistics portal. 

This portal replaces the statistics portal on our website, and will be used to collect the same statistics (you can find a list of statistics we ask you to submit here). You do not need to log in to this portal. You have the option to save and return to your submission, and you can download a receipt on final submission. You will be sent a new link for each quarterly submission so there is no need to bookmark this page for your next submission. 

If you have any questions regarding the new portal or would like to update your contact details please contact us at 

Your FOI and EIR statistics submission for April to June 2022 is now due. Please ensure your submission is completed by 5th August 2022

Please complete each question in your submission. You will be unable to move to the next section unless every question has been answered. Answers are pre-populated with '0' which can be edited where required. 

You can save and return to your submission later. To do this you will be provided with a unique link - please keep this safe. Should you lose this link you will be unable to resume and complete your submission. 

To assist you with your submission each question contains a link to the relevant legislation and you can also click on 'More information' for further help. 

To begin your submission click on 'Next'. 


Privacy Notice

We will not ask you for your personal information in this submission. We ask that you do not provide any information which may identify individuals in your responses, or your organisation. This will include your own personal data, or that of others. Do not, for example, provide names or job titles of individual staff.

Our privacy notice tells you more about us and how we process personal data, and the rights individuals have in respect of the personal data we process. You can read it at: